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Cultural Foundations of Zhendai He USA

Established in 2016, The Cultural Foundations of Zhendai He USA is a 501(c)3 non-profit and non-political organization registered in California. The mission of the Foundation is to promote the traditional Chinese culture and art, to share Chinese cultural essence around the world, and to become a cultural bridge by blending the traditional legacies with modern innovations. 


“Chinese culture, World Express.” Using the world’s common expressions to spread the Chinese culture to the young generations, is the Foundation’s way to attract more and more youth to appreciate their roots in Chinese culture and benefit them by incorporating the cultural elements into their daily lives. The Foundation aims to host major philanthropic events each year in different countries. These events will not only cultivate the roots of cultural sensitivities but also contribute to nourishing societal peace and prosperity.  

Zhendai He (1867 – 1952) was a renowned poet, a modern scholar of classic literature, expert of local chronicles, and master of traditional Chinese poetry. He was the best exemplary of the old style of poetry, so-called the Tong-Guang-Ti, a modern branch of Min (Hokkien). For generations, Mr. He’s family motto-“hard-working will always be rewarded. Envying nobody’s luck, because everyone is blessed in a unique way,” has inspired his descendants of four generations around the world. Ms. Xinyan He, a 4th generation descendant of Zhendai He, has been deeply influenced by the profound cultural essence revealed in her ancestor’s work, established the Cultural Foundation of Zhendai He USA  to promote the Chinese Culture and Art. 


4th generation descendant of Zhendai He,

Dean of the School of Chinese Painting and Calligraphy, China Academy of Fine Arts,

second level professor,

tutor for master and doctoral students,

and enjoys the subsidy of the State Council.

Xiaorong Wei(尉晓榕)


Xinyan He, a 7th generation descendant of Zexu Lin, and 4th generation descendant of Zhendai He, has established the Cultural Foundations of Zhendai He USA in Los Angeles.


2019, Xinyan has been selected as a member of the Board of the Directors of the Friends of the Chinese American Museum.

Tina He(何欣晏) 

Foundation Consultant

Bing Liu(刘冰)

Famous cultural communicator in Los Angeles

Foundation Consultant

Xiaogang Wang(王小冈)

Art consultant,

member of China Artists Association,

director of Japan World Paint Culture Association

Foundation Consultant

Zhongyan Lu(陆仲雁)


has been working in the Forbidden City of Taipei for 30 years, and has participated in cooperation projects with French museums for many times. He has been awarded the honor of "Knight of Art and Culture" by the French Ministry of Culture

Foundation Consultant

Researcher, Institute of Fine Arts, Chinese Academy of Art, specializing in Western art history

Ruiyun Wang(王瑞芸)

Legal Consultant

Jianwei Huang(黄健巍)

Law Offices of Jianwei Huang, Inc.

923 E. Valley Blvd., #102, San Gabriel, CA 91776

Tel: (626) 282 6291

Fax: (626) 282 6251


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