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BIT,BUPTS, Pepperdine CSSA & LMU CSA students celebrate for Lunar new year and Mentorship.
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According to Tina He, president of Beijing Institute of Technology Southern California Alumni Association, the gathering not only provides students and professionals Lunar New Year celebration also a networking chance to Chinese international students.

Tina and her team invited some mentors from entertainment, film, investment, law and technology industries sharing their experiences with students.

Beijing Institute of Technology Southern California Alumni Association, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications Southern California Alumni Association jointly with Pepperdine University CSSA, and Loyola Marymount University CSA held Lantern Festival gathering on February 17th.


+Research study

Treasures of the Palace Museum 


Over 30 copies of the Palace Museum artifacts were on display for American audience at the Beverly Hills City Hall, including calligraphy and paintings back to Sui, Song and Ming dynasties.The audience could, by using a smart phone APP called Artivive, view 3D animation of the artifacts and hear their stories in both Chinese and English languages, presented by AR technology.……


+Research study

Dunhuang Academy

Collaborating with Dunhuang Academy

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+Research study

Tea Project

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